Hi Warrick, greetings from Western Australia, where we're starting to get to Spring.

Lots of flowers, and the nectarines are looking good for the year, and we hope it will be a wonderful year.

Thank you very much for your podcasts, streaming, books, etc.

For me, since I have had an event about 12 months ago - luckily I didn't have a heart attack - but I had a preventative stent.

I found all of your work inspiring, up-to-date, and it's a place where I can ask questions and get real questions from someone who's on the ground and working well and up to speed on modern practices.

It's very hard at times, when every time you have to go to a doctor and ask, and maybe you get a correct answer and maybe you get a different answer, but when you go to people that are professional, such as Warrick, you always get the best and latest knowledge.

So, thanks again for all the information and your podcasts, and I'm going to keep on subscribing. Thank you very much. Take care, bye.

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