I would like to start off by thanking you for being part of my community. Every day I try to find new ways to impact millions of people with a simple message:

"Heart Attacks ARE Preventable"

Over the past year, we have created a TV Show, Podcast Channel, Mobile App, Youtube Channel, published a book and even created a highly engaged Facebook Group.

But I need your help to get even further reach because I cannot do this alone and all these platforms work much better with user reviews and download numbers.

All you need to do is a few simple steps below, feel free to do some or even all of them but I would be incredibly grateful if you could at least do one step and let me know by return email.



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Thank you again in advance, we can all create a healthier and more educated public on the importance of heart attack prevention and those simple steps above will make the world of difference and could even save a life!


Kind regards,

Dr. Warrick Bishop



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