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A number of years ago something incredible, an amazing coincidence, happened that started Doctor Warrick Bishop on the mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them…

Doctor Warrick Bishop is a practising cardiologist, best selling author and key-note speaker who is passionate about helping to prevent heart disease on a global scale.

Warrick graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, in 1988. He completed his advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

A number of years ago something incredible, an amazing coincidence, happened that started Doctor Warrick Bishop on the mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them. He was driving to work one day when he stopped at a commotion by the side of the road. A fun runner had collapsed during a fun run with a heart attack. He helped in his resuscitation only to find out that had seen the very same man two years earlier and reassured him that he was fine.

Warrick had missed the chance to make a difference and it nearly cost a life!! . Based on risk calculation and the best practice of the time, he shouldn’t have been at high risk…..but he was!

That meant that he had reassured a patient based on treadmill testing, the best care available at the time that he was fine, only to be part of the team that resuscitated that man when he dropped dead during a running race, this was just not good enough, and he asked himself could this be done differently?

This important question started him on a journey which meant he was open to looking more closely at new and emerging technology to help in being more precise about risk of heart attack.

It became clear to Warrick the more precise we can be in the information we have in regard to a patients heart health and real risk of heart attack, the better we can look after that person, it seems so obvious when you say it like that, but that opportunity is still only new and not broadly utilised in the medical community.

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