Below is a message I recently received from my patient Michael, who was thankful for what he had learned in my book Have You Planned Your Heart Attack?

"I am not a fan of your usual channels for 'spreading the word'; having been 'attacked' by 'viruses' several times.

To those who want to get to the heart of the matter; informative in-an-up-to-date-down-to-earth, relatable, heartfelt, accessible, technical way; really motivating us to come to our senses about doing something to keep hearts as healthy as possible.

Why, via me, it got someone dear; convinced she lives a naturally healthy life; to unexpectedly discover angiography could in fact save her life; recording, to her dismay, a risk score in the 97th Percentile; plaque even floating around everywhere!

Both she and I wish to sincerely thank you by further inspiring you to continue spreading the word, worldwide; yes, informed prevention the best cure of all; so, on earth, we all become the change we want to be, as open-hearts.

Good luck with your passionate mission, you truly are an authentic 'educator' & 'changemaker'!"

It's a beautiful feeling to know that I am making a difference in the lives of my patients.

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