Is Your Doctor Up-to-Date?

Hi, my name's Doctor Warrick Bishop, and I'm the author of Know Your Real Risk of Heart Attack. I wrote this book because I really want to inform individuals of what questions they can ask their doctor to get the very best care that they need.

This book is a little bit about the technology that is ahead of current guidelines that may be ahead of where your doctor currently has done the reading. I'm not sure about that, but that's the space that this book was aimed at filling.

So my question for you, and I'll be really interested in your feedback, is whether you think your doctor really is up to date with all the information that you need for your best heart health? Are you getting the information from someone who really is expert and understanding of exactly what you need in that space?

Share with us, let us know what you think, because my interest is trying to fulfill that need, because I'm not entirely sure that that information is broadly out there. Let's see what you think

Until next time, I really do wish you the very best, and bye for now.

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