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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. Today, I'd like to discuss palliative care.

It's a very complicated space. It's one that's often not talked about, but it's one that is inevitable. When it comes to palliative care, there is so much to think about and it's so important that families do raise the issue well before time.

It is so difficult for families and individuals to start making palliative care and end of life decisions at the crux, at the moment, that things have unraveled in an acute setting. So my advice, please start those conversations about end of life wishes early on. Have all the family on board. Death shouldn't be a taboo word.

Death is something that we need to understand will touch us all. It's important we talk about it, take away the stigma, and really have some cohesive approach within families when those times arise.

 I've done a podcast on this topic. That linked to the podcast is attached to this video. So, if you would like more information, please have a listen.

For now, however, I'm gonna wish you the very best, take care and bye for now!


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