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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. We're always after healthy eating hints and tips. Well, here's a couple.

Keep away from processed food. The more packaging it's got, the more problems it has for you. Stick to fresh stuff if you can.

While you're doing that, try and keep the carbohydrates down. That's really important because those carbohydrates drive insulin and insulin drives all sorts of other problems in our body. So, keep the carbs down and healthy food. Don't forget that great stuff like olive oil and nuts have been shown to be beneficial in studies where we've looked at Mediterranean type diet, so myself, plenty of salad, plenty of olive oil. I enjoy nuts and I have healthy protein in with my salad for dinner most nights. Look after yourself.

If you want more information, I've actually done an interview with Angela Hartley, who's got some hints and tips on diet that she shares with her cardiac patients. So, if you'd like to listen to that, check out the link attached to this video and have a listen.

For now, however, I'm gonna wish you the very best. Take care and bye for now!


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