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Hi Dr. Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. Welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. Quick few words on Statin intolerance.

Almost everyone has heard of a statin. There in the popular press, social media, and lots of people are prescribed those particular agents. You might or might not be aware that there's a lot of concerns about side effects from Statins and some people will get side effects, though the vast majority of people will take these tablets without any problems at all. But for those five to ten percent or there about to, do have problems with taking Statins. There is a whole process we need to go about to try and evaluate whether we can help these people either find a solution or recognize if it really is the Statins, cause sometimes it isn't. It's a complicated area and it really requires that the patient and the doctor work together, understanding the reason for taking the tablet, the risks of not taking it versus the risks of taking it and finding an individual solution for that situation.

I've done a podcast with Dr. Karam Kostner. He's not only a Australian leader, but a world leader in the space. Please check out that podcast and have a listen.

From the healthy heart network, hoping you live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Until next time. Take care and bye for now.


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