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Hi, my name's Dr. Warrick Bishop, a cardiologist and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. A quick chat about the valves of the heart.

Essentially, there are four valves in the heart. Two on the right side and two on the left side. That means there's two guiding blood into the lungs and two guiding blood out of the left ventricle into the body. That valves obviously are arranged so that blood only flows in one direction. The first valve that the blood encounters is the tricuspid valve, that's in the right ventricle. The right ventricle pumps out blood through the pulmonary valve. The pulmonary valve prevents blood returning from the lungs and keeps it going forward. Blood from the lungs goes through the mitral valve as it enters the left top, and then it's pumped down through the aorta, through the aortic valve, ensuring that that blood doesn't return back to the heart, all in one direction. Each of those valves can be narrowed. We call that stenosed. And each of the valve, those valves, could potentially leak. So, there are complex and important device.

I've done a podcast on the very topic that podcast is attached. I think you'll find it an interesting. From the Healthy Heart Network, wishing you live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Take care and bye for now.


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