Welcome to Dr Warrick's Podcast Channel. Warrick is a practising cardiologist and author with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education work believes educated patients get the best health care to discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love.

Hi, my name is Dr. Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. Welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. Today, I'd like to talk about a really important concept. In fact, related to a trial that came out relatively recently, which I believe will formulate the way we think about cardiac disease into the future.

Importantly, when we find plaque in the arteries, or if you like, rust in the pipes, we're often thinking, "Should we get in there and fix it up? Should we put in stents? Should we be doing bypass grafting? What's our next step?" Well, there was a trial that came out relatively recently. That trial was called the Ischemia Trial.

What it told us is we don't have to rush in to be doing these things for people who are inherently stable, trading them with optimal medical therapy, is as effective as putting them through a procedure, which overtime can carry some risks. So this trial is a great reassurance, a great reminder, that if we treat the processes with medication, we can have outcomes which are really very, very good, and as good as putting the patient through procedures that may not necessarily have an advantage in the longer term, and certainly carries some risks when we do it.

So, more detail on that particular trial is attached in a podcast to this video. Check it out if you're interested. I think it's a game changer. From the Healthy Heart Network, I hope you live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Take care and bye for now.


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