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Hi, my name is Dr. Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute.

Occasionally, some people will get fast, rapid, regular heart beats in their chest. Of course, fast heartbeats you recognize in the chest palpitation. But if they're really quick and they're regular, often, it's a condition called super ventricular tachycardia.

Supra means above. Ventricle is the main pumping chamber of the heart. And tachy means fast. Cardia means heart. So, super above the main pumping chamber of the heart. Tachy, going fast. Cardia, related to the heart. So a rhythm that arises in the top part of the heart. It can be pretty scary. It's not that uncommon.

I've got a podcast on the very topic attached to this video. So check it out. I think you'll find it interesting.

I'm going to wish you the very best. Hoping you live as well as possible, for as long as possible. Take care and bye for now.


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