Welcome to Dr Warrick's Podcast Channel. Warrick is a practising cardiologist and author with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education work believes educated patients get the best health care to discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love.

Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop. I'm a cardiologist and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. Today, a few quick words on smoking.  

Well, we all know that smoking is just not good for you. I don't have to tell you that. It's, for one of the better term, common knowledge. But what I do want to talk about is how difficult it can be at times for people to give up. And what is really important to recognize is that often people will give up when it's too late. And so my own experience, I see people who have a heart attack or have a stroke or get diagnosed with lung cancer and then they quit. Personally, I find that incredibly sad, particularly since these are the very people who for many years, often decades or so, I can't quite quit. I can't quite give up. I've tried to quit, give up for a bit, go back on it. And then when something terrible happens to them, the smokes go out the window.

Well, I put together a podcast on talking about smoking. It is something that's very difficult. I do speak with my patients about it. I think it is an opportunity to make the most significant difference in terms of modifiable risk. It's very important. If it's something that interests you I've got a podcast linked to this video. The link is either below or attached within the video. Please go and have a listen to it. I think you'll find it interesting. For now, however, I'm going to wish you the very best. Take care and until next time. Bye for now.


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