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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and welcome to my Health Heart Minute. I'm a cardiologist.

A couple of words about vitamin K and importantly, there are two types of vitamin K. Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. You may or may not be aware of that. Vitamin one is the one that we get in leafy green vegetables to a large degree. Lots of cruciferous. Vegetables will give us a good supply of vitamin K1. This is the one that's used in the coagulation or the blood clotting cascade within the body. Vitamin K1 is the one that is blocked by Warfarin therapy. The blood thinner we sometimes use to keep people's blood thinning. Vitamin K2 is also an important vitamin and we tend to get that from different sorts of foods. A rich sources are sort of fermented foods and some of the sort of Japanese fermented tofu products really are quite high in vitamin K2. A Western diet doesn't appear to be quite as high, that broad range of fish foods and grains and protein will have some vitamin K2 in it. Vitamin K2 is really quite important for bone growth and bone formation.

So two different roles for vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Similar in nature. Similar in form, but different in the roles that they play.

I've done a podcast on vitamin K1 and vitamin K2, which you might find interesting. That podcast is linked just below or within this video. So please kind of listen to that and check it out. For now, however, I'm going to wish you the very best and til next time. Goodbye.


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