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Hi, my name is Dr warrick Bishop, and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute. Quick word on how to prevent cardiac failure.

Well, probably the most significant correlation is age. Well, of course, that's a pretty hard one to duck. So putting age aside, what are the other things that you can do to reduce your future risk of heart attack? Well, really importantly is keep your blood pressure under control. Make sure if you do have elevated blood pressure that it's well managed and you're getting it checked regularly.

Being overweight is closely linked with increased risk of heart attack. So please keep to a sensible weight. Don't let that weight creep up or it will impact your heart. Other factors that contribute to coronary disease or increased risk of cardiac failure. So look after yourself. Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, alcohol in moderation, no tobacco and regular checkups with your general practitioner.  

Well, if you'd like to know a bit more about how to take prevention, I've done a podcast on the very topic. The link is below. Please enjoy it. Take care. Bye for now.


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