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Hi, my name's Dr. Warrick Bishop, and welcome to my Healthy Heart Minute today. A quick word on Ejection Fraction.  

Well, that's a term that we use to describe how well the left ventricle or the main pumping chamber of the heart is pumping. Let's think of the heart, the left ventricle, is holding one hundred mL when it's full and ready to squeeze. A normal heart will squeeze about 60 mL out. So 100 mL in, 60 mL out, the ejection fraction is 60 mL over one hundred mL. So about 60 percent. That's normal.

If we took a heart that filled to one hundred mL and it ejected only 30 percent, the injection fraction is 30 percent, which isn't very good. It's half of 60, which would be normal. So ejection fraction is the amount of blood expelled as a fraction of the amount of blood in the chamber before contraction. There is a one hundred percent ejection fraction because the heart doesn't close down completely. There's always a little bit of blood left at the end of contraction.

Well, I've done a brief podcast on the very topic. If you're interested and you'd like more information, follow the link below and enjoy. For now, however, wish you the very best. Take care, bye for now.


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