Hi, my name's Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist.

If I told you that I really believe that we should be able to remove, stop, prevent altogether out of the blue heart attack that kills people, would you believe me?

Well, I believe it's true and I believe the way that we can do that is by knowing what's going on, by being proactive. And the most useful thing we can do is evaluate our risk, and if appropriate, look at our arteries.  When I say look at our arteries, I mean using a technology called coronary artery calcium, which is done using a CT scan to tell us the health of those arteries.

Are they good? Are they bad? Or are they somewhere in between? By knowing that information, we take the surprise out of heart disease.

Well, I've put together a virtual heart check. The link to that is attached to this video. So please check it out. If that's for you. That virtual heart check will take you through a process, and if appropriate, support you in booking a scan to check the health of your coronary arteries, as long as you live in any major center within Australia.

So, I believe we can prevent heart attack and I'd like to prevent it for you. Check out the link, look after yourself, take care and bye for now.


Take the Free Virtual Heart Check Today!

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