Hi, did you know that coronary artery disease is still the single biggest disease killer in Australia and that over 50 people per day die from this condition?

Well, here's the really scary statistic in that- 20 to 25% of those people are 65 years of age or younger. Now they're people who still have plenty of life to live, and plenty to give.

So the question is, could you be at risk of heart attack?

Well, it's hard to be sure, but what I've done is I've put together a virtual heart check, so you can get some basic idea of where your risks may lie. That heart check will take you through a process and give you an idea as to whether it's appropriate or not to organize a special scan on your heart, to be even more precise about your risk.

We can do all that for you online. Check out the link.

It is so important to be proactive in this space. Coronary artery disease, sudden heart attack affects far too many people, and there's no point being a statistic.

I really do wish you the very best take care and buy for now.


Take the Free Virtual Heart Check Today!

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