INSURANCE POLICIES AND KNOWING THE RESULTS OF A CARDIAC CT SCAN Firstly, I am not an insurance advisor. I do however get asked frequently what the impact of the results of a cardiac CT scan could have on insurability. I can offer my understanding of the situation which may aid you in your own inquiries, though my advice will need to be checked with your insurance broker or advisor for your own personal needs. There are two basic types of insurance policies:

  • The first is called a Guaranteed Renewable. This sort of policy “guarantees” ongoing insurance regardless of future changes in circumstance. My understanding is that whatever the results of your cardiac CT scan your insurance will not be cancelled, though there may be an adjustment to your premium.
  • The second is called Yearly Renewable. This sort of policy is “renewed” and reviewed each year. A change in situation may affect this policy and impact insurability. An undesirable cardiac CT result could lead to a decision (by the insurer) not to continue insurance and may jeopardize insurance with another insurer.

Both policies require honest and full disclosure. Best to obtain clear advice from your broker or advisor in either setting. I understand guaranteed renewable is usually more expensive, but generally a better product. Best to look into this at a younger rather than older age. It is important to have a handle on this issue. There is little point avoiding an increase in insurance premiums but having a heart attack!!

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