The Australian Heart Foundation’s Serial Killer Campaign is an initiative to try and raise awareness of one of the most significant medical issues confronting the population.

The Heart Foundation is looking to educate people around their cardiovascular age by using a special calculator and looking to engage people in the process of awareness and action.

This is a tremendous initiative and completely in keeping with my own philosophies and drive.

My own feeling is very much that the better we can inform and educate people, the better we can raise awareness and the better we can help people make their best heart health and general health decisions. I encourage you to look in on the Heart Foundation’s campaign. I encourage you to dovetail that with some of the free resources through my website and facebook page.

As always, wishing you the very best health.


Almost 90% of Australians have at least one risk factor for developing heart disease, but many are unaware of these conditions and the reality that the ‘serial killer’ can claim their life too: heart disease kills 51 Australians every day.

By the end of our Serial Killer campaign, the Heart Foundation will have reached 4.5 million people, inspiring them to take action to minimise their risks of developing heart disease.

Since the campaign’s launch, more than 137,000 people have used our Heart Age Calculator to learn more about their risk.

Check out their Website HERE

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