Opioid use has been found to exert numerous damaging effects on the heart. Below are the real facts that you need to know about opiate pain killers and heart attack risk.

1. Opiates slow heart rate.

Opiates are depressant drugs, which slow down most bodily functions. Therefore, the cardiac effects of opioid use include the slowing of the heart rate (called bradycardia).

2. Opiates Disrupt The Heart's Normal Rhythm.

It has been found that prolonged opioid use can cause prolonged QT syndrome, which is a defect that impacts the electric function of the heart and in turn, this can disrupt the heart's normal rhythm.

3. Opiates Can Cause Heart Damage.

Long-term opioid abuse can cause a permanent delay in heart rhythm and this delay in the heart's rhythm can result in heart damage and inadequate oxygen delivery.


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