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So welcome. Right now, I'm in Oxford, Mississippi. I've just spent, it feels like two days traveling to get here. I'm looking more tired than usual, I'm a bit jet-lagged, I've taken a fistful of melatonin, and so as soon as this is over, I'm gonna hit the sack because I literally stepped off the plane this afternoon in Memphis and got a lift here. I've had something to eat. It's 12:30 in the morning. Or 12:30, at night, if you like. And it's probably 5:30 where you are in Australia.

Thank you so much for joining me for the very first of the Healthy Heart Network Monthly Live Show. It's 28 degrees in Hobart. It's tipping down with rain. And they're looking to a 6 degree day here, maximum on Wednesday. But I'll probably be getting over my jet lag by then.

I hope everyone's well. This is the beginning of a new year. John, my business partner, and I have decided that we'd like to try and bring something to this group on a monthly basis, something around this sort of webinar style. And what I'd like to talk about is a case study, talk a little bit about some specific teaching, and then I'd like to answer some people's questions. And we've got a couple of questions, but you're probably wondering why I'm in Oxford, Mississippi. The reason is, I'm over here at the University of Mississippi, known as Ole Miss. It's a famous university here, established a few hundred years ago, in fact. And it is the leading university in Mississippi. You may know it from the movie The Blind Side about the football player who is taken in by the family, the lady at the family was Sandra Bullock, and the university that Mike, the football player; big guy went to was Ole Miss, which is the University of Mississippi. And that's where I am. And I'm here to do a TEDx talk.

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