Hi, my name is Doctor Warrick Bishop, and I'm a preventative cardiologist. What does that mean? I'm the cardiologist who would like to see you before you have a problem with your heart. I want to see you while you're still well, and I want to keep you that way. I think medicine can be thought about a little bit like looking after your car. You can take it for regular servicing and make sure that the things that are able to be controlled, looked after, and maintained are looked after, controlled, and maintained. Or you can approach a tow truck mentality to your car's maintenance.

Well, it's entirely up to you. Me, I'm in the preventative space. I don't think tow truck medicine is the way to do things. I think hearts are too far too valuable. And honestly, I think there is too much pain, suffering and loss. I think we can do better. What I like to do is share with you what I've learned over the last decade in the space of preventative cardiology, where the current technology is, where my approach, I believe, is cutting-edge in terms of providing the very best management strategy for you and your cardiovascular risk.

I've got a talk up in Sydney on Wednesday, the 12th of June. I would love you to be there if you are an interested, educated, and motivated patient who really understands that the best-educated patients get the best care. I hope to see you there. It should be a great night.

Please bring your questions along. I'll be talking for maybe 45 minutes to an hour, but we will have dedicated time for question and answers, and I will be spending some time at the back of the room at the end, just to have a chance to meet with you and deal with some of your questions and some of your personal situations. I really do look forward to seeing you when I'm up in Sydney. Please look below for all the details around how that works.

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For now, take care. I wish you the very best, and please don't have a heart attack.

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