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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. I'd like to talk today about death and dying.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable for all of us at some stage. It is a really important conversation to have with family, loved ones. It's important that people understand your wishes as we approach end of life. I just did my will the other day. And in writing that will I made a particular request that if measures were put in place in spite of me not looking to have a good prognosis, I wanted those measures removed. I want care for comfort and compassion, but I wanted my dignity to be looked after. I also asked that I have palatable food and some of the best wines from my cellar should I be looking down the barrel of my last days. Gosh, it's a complex area. It really is important to speak with your loved ones and start to put in place an understanding around that space.

I've done a podcast on the topic, if you're interested, the link should be below. I do wish you the very best. Lots of care, don't die from a heart attack. All the very best. Bye.


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