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Hi, my name's Dr Warrick bishop and I'm a cardiologist. I'd like to talk about something that I think's really important.

I want you to understand that if we're talking about coronary disease, then when we try and stop people having their first event, that's called primary prevention, preventing the primary event. We're talking about people who've had a coronary event, then stopping them having a further event is called secondary prevention or their second event. My big bugbear is that when we're using imaging, some people report plaque in the arteries of people in the primary preventative setting as coronary artery disease. Well, of course, those people haven't got a disease. They've had no symptom and no loss of function. And they're actually trying to stop the primary event. I believe this should be called coronary atheroma burden because it's not a disease at this stage. And calling it a disease has psychological impacts, insurance impacts, all sorts of issues. So if you'd like more information on that, please look at my podcast below. There should be a link. It is an important area.

I do wish you the very best. I think terminology is really important. Good health. Goodbye. And please don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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