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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. I'd like to take a moment to explain to you the difference between population-based risk and individual-based risk. This is really, really important.

Let's think about the traditional risk factor calculator being used for an average 50-year-old man. So we've got male sex, 50 years of age, nonsmoker, normal cholesterol, blood pressure controlled, ECG looks okay. Not diabetic. That risk calculator would tell us that his risk of event is about ten per cent in ten years. Wrong. What that risk calculator is telling us is that if we take one hundred men just like that with the same characteristics and follow those 100 men for ten years, ten of them will have a heart attack. Altogether different. So population-based risk is the number of people who have an event in the population as a percentage. Actual individual-based risk is either going to be zero per cent or one-hundred per cent. They'll either have an event or not have an event. Altogether different. I hope you understand it.

I've done a whole podcast on the topic below if you're interested. Please enjoy that. Look after yourself. Understand risk. Till next time. Wish you the very best, and please don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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