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Hi, my name is Dr Warrick Bishop and I'm a cardiologist. I want to just take a moment and tell you how important it is not to miss your appointments. I've had a couple of patients in recent time who have turned up years after I'd made the last consultation with them and an arrangement to see them in a few months. They'd felt well. So they didn't think they needed to come. The problem, though, is that there's generally something that we're looking to follow up. Please don't make a unilateral decision just because you feel good. You may not feel your blood pressure being elevated. You may not feel your cholesterol being elevated. You may not feel your real risk of heart attack. So if you've got an appointment, that's a follow up with a specialist. Please don't miss it. Check with the specialist if you really need it or not. Check with the GP. But follow up is a really critical part of what we do. Hope that makes sense.

I wish you the very best. Don't miss your appointments. Until next time. Good health. And don't die from a heart attack. Goodbye.


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