Don't be a Ticking Time Bomb

When it comes to people surviving serious heart disease, don't mention the word "miracle" to trail-blazing cardiologist Dr Warrick Bishop. Its not that he doesn't believe in the word, its just that he thinks such do-or-die situations should be rectified long before the "miracle" stage. After all, he says, its too late when the only time you learn that a person has a network of clogged arteries and a cholesterol count that's through the roof, is during the post mortem. Its also a bit late when the patient who suddenly has a  "heart attack" is in the back of an ambulance heading to the Emergency Department. The straight-talking medic also explains that "heart attack" is not strictly a medical term... he and his fellow specialists refer to a Major Adverse Coronary Event or MACE as describing a full blockage or near-complete blockage of a coronary artery and its consequences. Download the full article Widespread public screening presents the opportunity to evaluate the state of an individual person’s arteries and make appropriate decisions which are particular and specific for that individual, and not rely on the population in which they sit statistically to decide their care. Dr Warrick Bishop

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