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Heart disease is the number one killer in the Western World and can be prevented in many cases. Being fit and healthy is no guarantee that the arteries in your heart are in good shape.  

We believe you can prevent a heart attack. We can put in place strategies to reduce risk. We can literally plan to change your future... Take the free test online with immediate results on what to do next.

"When it comes to the heart, being aware of your blood pressure and keeping it down, being aware of your cholesterol and dealing with it appropriately, undertaking regular exercise, not smoking and addressing other cardiovascular risks are all important for a safe journey through life.  However, on their own, they offer no guarantee of avoiding a heart attack, although they are likely to reduce the risk "

The Healthy Heart Network is pleased to announce the release of our new FREE virtual heart consultation where you can discover what your real risks of heart attack might be and how to potentially prevent it.  Take the free health check right now at:


About the Founder - Doctor Warrick Bishop

Practicing Cardiologist, #1 Best Selling Author, and Keynote Speaker

Doctor Warrick Bishop is a practicing cardiologist, best selling author, and keynote speaker and who has a passion to help prevent heart disease on a global scale.

Warrick graduated from the University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, in 1988. He completed his advanced training in cardiology in Hobart, Tasmania, becoming a fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians.

A number of years ago something incredible, an amazing coincidence, happened that started Doctor Warrick Bishop on the mission to prevent heart attacks rather than try to cure them. He was driving to work one day when he stopped at a commotion by the side of the road. A fun runner had collapsed during a fun run with a heart attack. He helped in his resuscitation only to find out that had seen the very same man two years earlier and reassured him that he was fine.

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