Welcome to my podcast. I am Doctor Warrick Bishop, and I want to help you to live as well as possible for as long as possible. I’m a practising cardiologist, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and the creator of The Healthy Heart Network. I have over 20 years as a specialist cardiologist and a private practice of over 10,000 patients.

This podcast episode features a discussion between Dr. Warrick Bishop, a cardiologist, and James Buckley, a hypnotherapist, about the placebo and nocebo effects. They explain that the placebo effect is the brain's ability to create a positive physical response without any actual medication, while the nocebo effect is the negative response from a sham treatment. They discuss research showing the powerful impact of these mind-body effects, even on conditions like high cholesterol and statin side effects. The conversation highlights how the brain's beliefs and expectations can profoundly influence physical outcomes, and emphasizes the importance of empowering patients through techniques like meditation and hypnosis to harness this mind-body connection for better health. The podcast encourages listeners to explore the untapped potential of the mind to find "solace, peace, harmony, and resolution" in addressing health challenges.


  • The placebo effect is the brain's ability to create a chemical reaction and physical experience without the presence of an actual drug or substance.
  • The nocebo effect is the negative counterpart, where the brain can produce adverse symptoms and side effects from a sham or inert substance.
  • The placebo and nocebo effects can be remarkably powerful, with studies showing they can account for up to 50-60% of the expected response from an actual medication.
  • The brain's incredible power to influence physical and emotional states through belief, expectation, and thought processes is a largely untapped human potential.
  • Unresolved emotional and psychological issues can manifest as physical symptoms or intolerances, which may be better addressed through techniques like meditation, hypnosis, and mindfulness rather than just medication.
  • The case study of the patient who overcame a long-standing phobia about crossing a bridge illustrates how the mind-body connection can be harnessed to overcome perceived limitations.
  • Doctors and patients may need to explore the role of the placebo/nocebo effect more deeply, rather than automatically attributing side effects solely to the medication.
  • The speaker's own experience with feeling relaxed after having a glass of wine suggests the power of anticipation and belief in shaping physiological responses.
  • There are free resources available through the Mindmastery Institute and the speaker's social media channels to explore meditation, hypnosis, and harnessing the mind-body connection.
  • Overall, the discussion highlights the immense untapped potential of the human mind and the need to approach health and wellness from a more holistic, mind-body perspective.

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