EP315: Stay in Your Lane


Welcome to my podcast. I am Doctor Warrick Bishop, and I want to help you to live as well as possible for as long as possible. I’m a practising cardiologist, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and the creator of The Healthy Heart Network. I have over 20 years as a specialist cardiologist and a private practice of over 10,000 patients.

This episode discusses heart health and risks of heart disease. Doctor Bishop critiques another podcast where a lecturer suggests his high calcium score was due to inflammation from long-term endurance exercise. However, Doctor Bishop argues this oversimplifies the complex causes, noting age and genetics also impact calcium levels. He questions why inflammation would only affect the coronary arteries, not all arteries evenly.

The lecturer did not mention other important risk factors like cholesterol levels. Doctor Bishop believes too much responsibility was placed on exercise alone and cautions people to carefully evaluate health information. High intensity exercise may actually stabilize plaque by increasing calcium deposits. The causes of heart disease are multifaceted and require considering multiple risk factors, not just exercise habits.


  • This episode discusses the importance of getting a coronary artery calcium score, or cardiac CT scan, to be proactive about heart health.
  • Doctor Bishop shares his reaction to another podcast where a university lecturer in his 60s discussed reluctantly getting his own calcium score due to family history of heart issues.
  • The lecturer's score was very high for his age, but he claimed to have no major risk factors as an avid lifelong exerciser with good diet and habits.
  • The lecturer concluded that inflammation from his long-term endurance exercise was the cause of his heart disease, which the host disputes.
  • Doctor Bishop argues exercise more likely reduces inflammation and almost eradicates heart disease, rather than causes it.
  • Key risk factors like cholesterol levels were not mentioned by the lecturer.
  • Calcium buildup may indicate plaque stabilization from exercise rather than active inflammation.
  • The complexity of heart disease is not fully understood, so oversimplifying causes can mislead listeners.
  • Listeners need to be careful about where they get information from—even qualified professionals can provide misleading or inaccurate information if they aren't an expert in this field. Experts can help by "staying in their lane."
  • Doctor Bishop's goal is to provide listeners the best information to live as long and healthy as possible.

Australia, like the rest of the western world, has a heart problem.

Over 9 million people around the world die from heart disease every year.

Every 10 minutes, someone in Australia suffers a heart attack. And 21 lives are lost daily because of it.

The devastating fact in all of this is… 

Almost every one of those cases could have been prevented. 

This podcast is for anyone who wants to improve their health literacy and gain information to help them make the best decisions about their risk of heart attack, their cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of diabetes, weight loss and general health. Join me on my personal mission journey to prevent Heart Attack on a global scale. If you like this podcast, I would be honoured by a 5-star review and appreciate if you let your friends and family know about this podcast; you may even save the life of someone you love!

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Heart disease is the #1 killer in the Western World. In Australia, someone dies every 28 minutes from heart disease. That’s 51 people a day. In the US, someone has a heart attack every 40 SECONDS! Fortunately, many heart attacks are preventable. However, regular exercise and eating healthy are no guarantee you won’t succumb to this silent killer.

  • 94% of Australians have at least One Risk Factor for heart disease.
  •  59% of Australians have been Touched by heart disease.
  •  Yet only 3% of Australians have had a Full Heart-Health Assessment in the past 12 months.

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