EP10: Women and Heart Health


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Welcome to Dr. Warrick's Podcast Channel. 
He's a practicing cardiologist with a passion for improving care by helping patients understand their heart health through education. Warrick believes educated patients get the best health care. Discover and understand the latest approaches and technology in heart care and how this might apply to you or someone you love. 
Hi, my name's Dr. Warrick Bishop and I'd like to welcome you to my consulting room. 
Today, I'd like to speak about the topic that I haven't seen much written about but something that I see through my consulting rooms on a regular basis. And that's the role of women in heart health, and of course in other health. Through my own practice, in my rooms - though I've gotten no documentation of this but I do see it - I find that regularly women are the driver for best health care within the family. 
This may be the case in your family. I have two seats in my consulting room, one for partners. Often, if a woman comes she'll come by herself. Most often, if a man comes to see me, particularly in a preventative role, or really in anything that could be to do with their heart, it's his wife or partner who is driving him to be there. 
So, it seems to me that women are really tuned into prevention and taking the steps that are required. They seem to be interested and engaged a little bit more than men and I don't know why that is. It is a sweeping generalization but it's an observation. I'm not going to try and justify it. I have men come in and basically say that they're here because their wife has told them to or has made them or has read - in fact - has read my book and told them that they need to come and see me. 
I have to laugh because when I was in the early stages of producing this book, I took it to a group of friends, and out of that group of friends everyone said bits and pieces, some of the men actually were taking a step back rather than taking a step forward, but one of the women turned around and said this is "a book you would buy for someone you love". 
And that was so powerful that I actually put on the front cover of the book, because I understand that if you do love someone, you want to see the best for them and you want them around for as long as possible to be with you. 
So, the statistics over and over tell us that men in happy married relationships live longer than singles. We know this. We see it not only intuitively, but that is supported by data, and we know that having someone loving us is a huge thing in our life, but in my observation, often women are driving good health care, and that's probably also helping our married men live longer. 
So, if you've got a wife who's driving you to be in better health, thank her and go with the flow. 
I hope that makes a bit of sense and starts a conversation at home. I wish you the best. Take care and bye for now. 
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